What to do with a Warning Letter from Frommer Legal (Waldorf Frommer)

Have you received a warning letter or infringement letter (“Abmahnung) from Frommer Legal (former Name: Waldorf Frommer)? The stated period of the warning is 2 weeks? What should you do with the Waldorf Frommer warning?

In this article we give a short overview of the law firm Waldorf Frommer from Munich and about our experiences on the topics of warning and dunning notice.

Have you received a warning from Waldorf Frommer?

The law firm Frommer Legal or Waldorf Frommer Munich

Frommer Legal (or how they have been called before 2021: Waldorf Frommer Rechtsanwälte) is a law firm from Munich which, among many other things, sends out warning notices for 2015 and the years before that. Waldorf Frommer is the largest so-called “Abmahnkanzlei” according to the opinions shared on the Internet, although this has never been confirmed officially or by absolute numbers.

Especially for the well-known ‘Waldorf Frommer Abmahnung 2015’ and the topic

‘Mahnbescheid Waldorf Frommer’ there are many articles written by lawyers on the internet.

The law firm Frommer Legal or Waldorf and Frommer stands up for the rights of the owners of the works protected by copyright in order to claim appropriate compensation from consumers. The emphasis here is on the question of an appropriate level of claims. In Germany the courts of the offices are responsible for answering this question. In the past, numerous court proceedings have dealt with the appropriate amount of the respective claim for damages.

This has resulted in an enormous number of judgements and court cases, which can be studied with a lot of time and dedication. In individual cases, however, the question arises as to whether a Waldorf Frommer lawsuit still makes sense after so many cases that have already been decided? Because of course not all of the Waldorf Frommer lawsuit experiences are equally transferable to the next case. From a holistic point of view, there is enough information and factors gathered on topics such as ‘Waldorf Frommer Mahnbescheid 2017’ or ‘Waldorf Frommer Klage Erfahrung’ with which one can estimate, even before a possible lawsuit, in which area an appropriate claim for damages would lie if one were to take a Waldorf Frommer warning notice to court. A Waldorf Frommer court case in 2017 as well as a Waldorf Frommer court case in 2018 is therefore not necessarily decisive for the assessment of appropriate compensation in one’s own case.

With this information and experience, a quick and simple answer can be found to react to the Waldorf Frommer warning letter. The next question for all concerned is therefore: Waldorf Frommer / Frommer Legal warning letter – what to do?

Have you received a warning?

From a purely historical point of view, it makes little sense to dig up an already buried theatre of war.

When in doubt, it is better to draw the right conclusions from experience and then look for the best result and the best approach to solving your own case. There are several already tested possibilities for this.

In other Waldorf Frommer Forum posts it is often advised that a warning Waldorf Frommer will not pay. The result of this strategy is therefore open. Those who do not respond to the demands and do not react run the risk that nothing happens to influence the situation positively or to control it strategically. So let us first of all follow this well- meant advice:

Walldorf Frommer is a law firm with a large number of employees and lawyers who work on systematically processing the vast number of warning letters every year. This is sometimes achieved by using digital software and the use of systematic deadlines, which makes it possible to control the  processing of the individual files.

The possibility that one of the warning notices slips through by mistake, regardless of or even by chance, depends on the two systematic factors mentioned above.

The probability is thus given, but how high is it in each individual case? One in a hundred thousand? One in two hundred? A little more a little less? Are we playing the lottery here?

All right! How many of those affected would therefore choose not to respond to the announced demands?


Have you received a warning?

Frommer Legal / Waldorf Frommer Warning: Experience Forum

In a special Frommer Legal / Waldorf Frommer Warning Forum you can find detailed field reports and articles on special topics such as ‘Waldorf Frommer experiences’ within a very short time. There users describe in detail their experiences with warnings and the topic ‘Waldorf Frommer lawsuit after a warning notice’.

Many of those affected report accordingly about their Waldorf Frommer warning experiences and the different experiences after ignoring a Waldorf Frommer warning, or a court case against Waldorf Frommer.

In the same Waldorf Frommer Experience Forum one can read advice on topics such as ‘Ignoring a Waldorf Frommer warning or even not paying a Waldorf Frommer warning’. These well-intentioned advices are discussed and advised at length by all participants in the next forum.

The most common type of warning is a warning for copyright infringement Waldorf Frommer. The works offered and distributed on the corresponding torrent platforms are usually protected by copyright without the knowledge of the users and are made publicly accessible on the internet without the granting of the corresponding licences. In contrast, there is no Waldorf Frommer streaming warning, because the underlying technology differs substantially from that of the numerous torrent platforms.

The true owners of the protected works miss out on a high proportion of licence income every year. Consequently, they try to make up this missing income with the help of law firms like Frommer Legal (Waldorf Frommer) from Munich.

Have you received a warning?

Another option that has worked very well in the past years in dealing with Walldorf Frommer was the proven way to become a lawyer. A lawyer treats the Waldorf Frommer warning letter just reliably with the collected experience of the already issued court decisions. In this respect he can assess the chances of success very well. He provides his services at an all-inclusive price. Depending on the lawyer, this varies between approximately two hundred and six hundred euros. That is good money for the so valuable experience in dealing with Waldorf Frommer’s warning letters. With most lawyers, you pay the requested lump sum in advance, regardless of the outcome or success of the negotiations. A distinction is also often made between legal advice and support before and after receiving a warning notice from Waldorf Frommer.

There are cases in which consumers and those who have been warned had already engaged a lawyer years ago, thought the matter was settled and then a few years later had to engage a lawyer again or had to seek a way out directly in court in the same matter.

In fact, many a lawyer is worth his money. But one may ask the question how much the effort is worth to the affected persons and how much effort the lawyer is making to use the invested money to achieve the most economical solution for his client. In principle, no lawyer earns money with it if two disputed parties come to an agreement. On the contrary: lawyers earn money with the disputes of the parties. So what exactly does the appointed lawyer do with his remuneration?

The strategy of engaging a lawyer for the Waldorf Frommer warning is in many cases not the most economical of all the resources used. If you rub two expensive stones against each other, it takes a long time for one of them to give way. The essential factors in relation to a negotiation with Waldorf Frommer are therefore time, money and finally the certainty that the matter will be settled reliably.

Again, there are cases where a lawyer may be able to deal with all three of these factors efficiently and satisfactorily. Most of the newer lawyers in the industry no longer go all out by themselves to have to discuss facts and the burden of proof before a judge, or even suffer defeat. In the meantime, there are a large number of cases which are compared directly with the law firm issuing the warning within the framework of constructive communication.

Basically anyone can make a comparison, whether lawyer or not. Although a settlement can be reached at the last minute before the judge swings the hammer over his judgement, time is expensive. A good negotiator or lawyer therefore looks for an appropriate settlement offer as soon as possible. The earlier one reacts the more willing to talk, the more willing is the known opposite side Waldorf Frommer.

Money will therefore cost the matter one way or another. The essential question, however, is how much the matter may cost? As a matter of principle anyone can intervene between two parties bickering in the street and negotiate neutrally. Only what must this person, as a neutral contact person, be able to mediate between the consumer and Waldorf Frommer and how much may it cost? This question is to be answered subjectively. However, it is clear that it requires a certain amount of negotiating skill and should not cost more than a lawyer. As is well known, a lawyer earns his money wisely by providing legal advice.

Essentially, the question of certainty or security is what matters to the person concerned. If I invest a hundred euros in a share on day one and my share of the same share is worth zero on day two, that was not a good investment. As an investor in a qualified negotiator, you want the matter to have a certain return. I would like to have everyone’s assurance that I will receive a reasonable settlement offer that I can live with and that at the same time the matter will be resolved without risk. This means that I must or will only pay for the service provided to arrange a settlement after I am completely satisfied.

Get in touch

You can decide to talk to a settlement expert in order to negotiate a settlement offer from the law firm which sent you the infringement letter. This will be sent to you without any obligation to accept and costs before accepting. All settlement experts have year long experience in this field and have settled hundreds or thousands of cases.

If you require legal advice, consulting or representation, you can decide to submit your case to an experienced lawyer. The lawyers to which your case will be submitted are all experienced and specialised in the infringement regulation.

For questions regarding your handling case please contact us directly via: kontakt@abmahnungshilfe.de

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