Many of the users who reach us via our website have already received a warning, we offer detailed assistance. In addition, we would like to help those who have not yet been warned to protect themselves from warnings in the sense of prevention.

Schutz vor Abmahnung

You can do the following to protect yourself:


Inform yourself

Inform yourself on neutral internet pages and form your own opinion. We have compiled a few tips for you in the following.


Follow the following tips:

  • Protect your Internet connection with a secure password
  • Explicitly point out to your guests the dangers of using torrent programs in Germany
  • VPN providers are not one hundred percent secure against warnings, but can help to protect your identity on the Internet
  • Use secure and affordable video-on-demand platforms like amazon prime video, Netflix, apple tv, sky, Disney plus and many more

Consider whether a legal protection insurance makes sense for you.

If the going gets tough and your precautionary measures were not successful, in extreme cases a legal dispute may result. In order to be prepared for this and to keep the costs as low as possible, you can consider taking out legal protection insurance that can also help you in other areas of life such as tenancy law, labor law, etc. can offer you security. We can recommend the following legal protection insurances as examples, here you can inform yourself:

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