Received an IPPC Law Abmahnung (infringement letter)?

Who are IPPC Law?

IPPC Law firm is probably a name you have encountered if you were sharing erotic or pornographic movies on the internet by sharing copyrighted content. As erotic films are still part of the intellectual propery, sharing such content over the internet with others is illegal and is subject to legal action.
IPPC Law representes the publishers of pornographic and erotic movies and there is a high probability that you are liable for damages that were generated for the publishing house by that sharing of the content.
The good news is, that we can help you in that area as well in a discreet way and help you close the case for a substantially lower amount of damages.

What can be done?

IPPC Law identifies itself primarily with keywords on legal topics such as Protection, Collection, Internet Protocol, Personal, Perfection, Certainty, Patent, International and Copyright. The essential message of the firm, which previously operated under the name Daniel Sebastian and after the separation as IPPC Law, is the uncompromising enforcement of the rights of its international clientele in the areas of copyright and related rights against threats from the Internet.

Both companies are still based in Berlin, as the managing director of IPPC Law Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH, Daniel Sebastian, is also the representative or responsible person as Rechtsanwalt Daniel Sebastian with a branch office on Kurfürstendamm in Berlin.

The lawyer Sebastian thus predominantly represents clients who wish to protect their own copyrighted works against third parties. This usually takes the form of a warning letter. As a legal means of demanding the cessation of damaging behaviour and thus claiming damages for the legal or competition infringement, high claims for damages are thus made to consumers and Internet users in Germany.

As always, it is possible for a lawyer to represent both sides of the charge. This is exactly how lawyer Daniel Sebastian and his law firm IPPC Law enter the market. In order to stay on top of all these complex legal and technical issues, turn to our experts and settlement professionals at We can definitely help you in this case quickly and discreetly.

We are specialised in finding effective and quick solutions for you from these complex and systematic warnings.

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