Have you received a Hdfilme.tv warning letter?

On the site hdfilme.tv you can download movies and watch series online supposedly free of charge. Hdfilme.tv is thus a platform on the World Wide Web that offers free HD streams of movies and series. It is striking that the most famous movies can already be found on the platform shortly after their release, so one alledgetly saves the ticket fee to the nearest cinema and the costs for legal streaming services like Netflix, Youtube or others. That is why the site is often visited and very popular among many users. There is no question that Hdfilme.tv cannot be completely legal. The question that many users ask themselves is whether it is safe to use Hdfilme.tv or whether you can get caught.

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Is HDFilme TV safe?

Through relevant articles, also here on abmahnungshilfe.de, it is already known that streaming and also streaming films on hdfilme.tv can be illegal. Users and “film viewers” are asking themselves how high the probability is of being caught watching series and films and how “safe” it is to stream via HDFilme.tv. All we can say is that we have already had customers who have received a warning because they streamed films via HDfilme.tv. A list of cases that reach us every month can be found here to get an idea for yourself: https://abmahnungshilfe.de/faelle/ .

In this sense, we can say that it is not “safe” to stream films via HDFilme, as there are law firms that send out warning letters on behalf of the filmmakers.

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What happens if you stream illegally?

Whether and how illegal streaming via Hdfilme.tv is is often discussed and can ultimately only be decided by the lawmakers and courts themselfes. We would like to herewith describe what exactly happens when you stream illegally. If you stream a film via a platform on the internet, you watch this film on the internet. Streaming, e.g. via the site Hdfilme.tv, is not a download but a stream. In general opinion, this is not yet illegal. Here you enjoy the movie or series and watch what someone else (Hdfilme.tv download) has made publicly available on the internet.

What is illegal, however, is putting such productions online on the Internet, because by doing so you are effectively cheating the creators and owners of the films. You are effectively stealing a film and making it available to third parties free of charge. A good comparison is the following quote:

“Making films available on a free platform on the internet is like giving away home-burned DVDs in front of a DVD shop or a cinema and thus depriving the cinemas and DVD shops of their own sales.

But why do users receive a warning notice if streaming is not illegal at all, but only the operation of the platform as such? Isn’t it actually only the administrator of the site who is an offender?

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Hdfilme.tv warning based on streaming

The common movie platforms on the internet often work in such a way that the user, while watching or streaming a film, automatically makes it available to others as well. This is how

it works: the users who are watching a movie download it and simultaneously upload a copy of the same piece for other users, usually without even being aware of it. Every person of

the audience thus becomes a reasonable perpetrator (often unintentionally). The fact that this does not happen intentionally in most cases, but rather unintentionally, is merely an excuse and can rather lead to a reduction in the amount of the warning in a trial. However the general rule is that “ignorance is no excuse”.

Have you received a warning from Waldorf Frommer?

How do the lawyers know if I have streamed a film?

The lawyers who create and send the warning letters on behalf of the copyright owners receive the “log data” from the film platforms from companies data collection companies. Once a week or month, the data companies report this to the lawyers. This data tells them exactly which computer (which IP address) watched which film and for how long. Using the IP address, the lawyers can determine the owner of the Internet connection and send him or her a warning letter for violating copyright laws.

What can I do if I have received a warning notice?

If you have received a warning letter, there are several ways to deal with it. You can defend yourself in court with a lawyer (possibly if you think you are innocent) or you can try to get the matter off the table and settle with the other side and enter into a negotiation for this. The platform Abmahnungshilfe.de has specialised in providing victims of warning letters in this area with the right “helper” for you. This can be a lawyer or a mediator, it depends on your personal case. You are welcome to describe your case to us free of charge, we will certainly find the right solution for you.

Have you received a warning from Waldorf Frommer?

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If you require legal advice, consulting or representation, you can decide to submit your case to an experienced lawyer. The lawyers to which your case will be submitted are all experienced and specialised in the infringement regulation.


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