Warning despite cyberghost

How much protection does a cyberghost offer against a warning notice?


The uniqueness of the Internet, you might think, is the fact that you can do anything you want and go about on other people’s websites and programs as you like or please. It feels like you are absolutely undercover and have the possibility to move freely, uncontrolled and anonymous. The feeling to do things on the Internet and visit websites at home or at your own workplace in front of the screen unobserved and in a private atmosphere without the authorities or third parties can follow is deceptive, because it is only valid until someone gets the idea to monitor or track all these activities!


Unfortunately, the reality is different. No matter what you do on the Internet and try to keep secret from others can basically be tracked or monitored by third parties or the relevant authorities. It is not for nothing that the biggest search engine provider, named Google, resembles a huge library. If you search long enough and know exactly what you are looking for, you will find everything you want! However, a well-known saying is: Where there is no plaintiff, there is no judge.


So after a short search you will find some online providers that promise to protect and even hide the privacy and anonymity of their users. You could move freely like a ‘ghost’ in the ‘cyber net’.


In the same way, on other sites you can find instructions and a detailed test report for each of these so-called VPN providers. A VPN server is a client that practically sits between your private connection (i.e. the IP connection of the router/user) and the network provider and encrypts all web activities including your physical location.

Wie viel Schutz bietet ein Cyberghost vor einer Abmahnung?

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 Am I absolutely on the safe side with a VPN provider?


Although VPN encryption absolutely does not worsen your privacy and security on the Internet, there are still significant security gaps that can lead to legal problems such as warning letters. Essentially, despite the use of a cyberghost, legal problems often arise for two reasons.


Invisible to the government, hackers and others.


The VPN provider, as a client between your router and the internet provider, allows your IP address, computer, and data to be hidden. Instead of your data and activities on the Internet, the connection and data of the VPN provider is used. This is usually located abroad or, in the best case, in countries that are not bound by any binary agreements on data protection with regards to Germany. If this wasn’t the case a VPN provider could be forced to hand over the data of its users, at least in criminal matters.


Parallel to this, however, there is a second and far more common problem.

Unsichtbar für die Regierung, Hacker und andere

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Possible gaps in the connection to the router


Even though your IP address or router is registered with the VPN provider, it is still possible that you may experience connection failures due to your own unstable Internet connection. This means that the traces of your activities on the Internet will be visible for a few seconds. The ‘Ghost’ loses its camouflage during this time!


This short moment is usually enough to allow law firms and others to prosecute violations and other civil offenses.


Non the less, the probability of not being caught decreases naturally when using a Cyberghost. However, the free sharing, downloading or the distribution of copyrighted files and works remains illegal and can have costly and unnecessary consequences. A warning letter for streaming or file sharing usually costs up to one thousand euros.


Despite the large offer of free VPN servers, it is considerably cheaper to spend ten euros or more per month on streaming services or movie tickets. On these, you can watch TV series and other movies legally and without risks. This at least gives you a good night’s sleep.

Mögliche Lücken bei der Verbindung zum Router

Warning Despite VPN Encryption


If you have received an expensive warning despite using an appropriate VPN service, you should not be too surprised. In this case it is advisable to act as soon as possible and to get professional help.


Although the way to the lawyer in most criminal matters is advisable, you should always check what out-of-court options there are to avoid a possible civil lawsuit. Here it is usually possible to find an appropriate and fair agreement that relativizes the correspondingly high damages and other claims.


Abmahnungshilfe.de is specialized in topics such as warnings despite Cyberghost and others and mediates your request within a short time to an appropriate case worker, who clarifies your questions professionally and in detail.

Warning despite cyberghost

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