We have decided to list 5 successful cases per month to give you a better idea, where the settlement experts can help and to see if your case can be solved with a more favourable outcome as well. Some data has been blacked out due to data protection.



Yesterday I received a warning letter from the law firm Waldorf Frommer due to the (alleged) filesharing of the series “The 100 – The stranger” (IP-reference from 05.09.20 17:55 to 17:56), in which I am requested to pay a total amount of 619,50€ (damages + legal costs) until 19.10.2020 and to sign and submit a cease and desist declaration until 09.10.2020.

Since the accusation is quite within the realm of possibility, I would like to get out of this dilemma quickly, but above all ” mildly” in the financial and legal sense.

I expressly have no interest in legal proceedings.

I received a warning from Waldorf-Frommer for torrent downloading/uploading 3 episodes of “The 100”. To be honest, this is correct so far. My main concern is a reduction of the payment amount and the enclosed cease and desist declaration. The dates for the cease and desist declaration are very tight. This is to be submitted up to 15.10. However, the letter of warning was not in the mailbox until Friday, 09.10. Payment receipt of the claim should be on 25.10.

My questions:

Does the warning only refer to these 3 episodes or will I have to pay more?

Please contact me if anything is not clear yet.

I (as the holder of the connection) received a warning from the law firm Waldorf-Frommer on 10.07.2018 regarding file sharing, with a demanded compensation of 915,00 EUR. I was not in my apartment at the given time, but there were other people in my apartment. Thereupon I engaged a lawyer, who took care of the out of court representation. Now, on 5.10.2020, I received a dunning notice from the district court Hamburg-Altona with a claim for 1,340.47 EUR. I did not cause the damage, but I do not want to go to court either. Is it still possible to reach an out-of-court settlement at this time?

I would like to ask you to examine my case in this regard.

Warning letter by Waldorf/Frommer due to copyright infringement (transfer to third parties through file sharing program)

2 movies: “It” part 1 & 2 from Warner Bros

fine in the amount of 1600 euro

Neither I, nor anyone in my flat share, downloaded these films. I am checking it with guests and neighbors who had our password.

I contact you to inform me about a specific case and in the best case to receive a prognosis from you.

These are 2 warnings from the law firm Waldorf Frommer which were sent to 2 different addresses. In both cases films were watched via the portal POPCORNTIME on the same laptop. However, the warning letters were not sent to the laptop owner in both cases.

The claim for damages is 2500€ in total.

Is there a possibility in such a case to negotiate to reduce the claim?


I have received a warning letter from Waldorf Frommer regarding an alleged file sharing case. I have attached the complete document. It is claimed that a download was shared for 10 seconds or something like that from my connection. For this they want now over 1.600, – €.

I have received a legal dunning notice from the Coburg District Court regarding the lawfirm Waldorf Frommer.

In 2010 I had received a warning notice. At that time, I already contacted a lawyer and together with him I settled the matter. That’ s what I thought.

Now almost 10 years later I receive this warning notice.

In the meantime I have moved three times and if my parents did not live at the address where the dunning notice was sent to, I would not have known about it.

I do not have any more documents about the process at that time.

In all these years I never received a letter concerning this matter.

Could you please help me to clear this up?

I received a warning from Walldorf Frommer regarding Copyrights violation. We’re 2 people sharing one WiFi and the other guy had a visit from his friend from Riga, Latvia. And the guy who visited had downloaded movie in Riga through Torrent, but when he came to Frankfurt am Main, he had forgotten to close the torrent application on his laptop and unknowingly let it run in the background. And after a week after that, I received a warning letter from Walldorf Frommer that I now need to pay 915€ for this violation. But I’m innocent and so is my neighbour with whom I’m sharing the WiFi, but the guy who visited him did this copyrights violation unintentionally.
The deadline to pay 915€ is on 28.08.2020. Please help us out of this situation, as we are both students and are in no way in the financial situation to pay such a big amount.

My father had received a warning for file sharing in 2011. A modified cease-and-desist declaration was issued and a partial payment ( of 250€) was agreed upon with our then lawyer, which was done in combination with a “letter of defense”. In this stated: “This [partial payment] does not terminate the thing finally, but reduces the complaint risk completely substantially”.

Now after 10 years we ( my father) have again received a dunning notice about the same thing. The payment amount has even increased from 965€ (claim from 2011) to 1130€. Not even the partial payment was included.

I attach all documents and hope that there is a fair solution to this problem.

Warning due to an illegal file sharing service via my internet connection. The law firm Waldorf Frommer is acting here on behalf of Warner Bros. Entertainment GmbH. The warning notice was dated 10.11.2014.

The warning refers to a file (Supernatural – Black, TV episode (long)) which is supposed to have been offered on the Bittorrent network on 09.10.2014 in the time from 19:55:34 to 19:56:14.

At that time I was offering a ” Freifunk” WLAN access, which I switched off immediately afterwards. Unfortunately, my current lawyer is not able to represent me further on. Therefore I contact you.

The warning already dates back to 2014, and until April 2020 I had not heard anything from Walldorf Frommer after the objection. Possibly also because of my move and a new address. Now I have received a dunning notice.


My father received a warning from the Waldorf Frommer law firm for distributing the film “Tenet” by Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. through a file sharing program. I use my father’s internet connection and downloaded the film on 02.09.2020 via a torrent file sharing program.

I would like to reduce the total claim.

My wife received a letter from Waldorf Frommer for two episodes of a TV show and a movie that was streamed by our subletters. We have the internet, but it was not us who streamed the episodes in January 2015. At that point our lawyer was able to handle the case with an objection (Widerspruch), but we received new letters this year again. We have until Sept 17th to begin paying the fine but we do not want to pay the fine, or at the very least we would like to greatly reduce the rate.

I have received a warning from the law firm Yussof Sarwari in Hamburg regarding file sharing of a film (see attachment). After I had informed myself about the situation on the Internet, I submitted a “modified cease and desist declaration” according to relevant recommendations. Their acceptance was confirmed to me  on 10.09.20. The deadline for payment of the requested 650 € was extended until 25.09.20.

I do not wish to be subject to legal proceedings. What possibilities do you see here, in particular to reduce the claimed amount for a settlement?

I have received a warning from the law firm Waldorf Frommer on behalf of Leonine Distribution GmbH for allegedly sharing the film “7500” via bittorrent. The accusation is correct.

For details I have attached the complete warning.

Can you do anything else here?

I received a warning from the law firm Waldorf Frommer about a copyright infringement. A film “Kimi no na wa. [Your Name – Yesterday, today and forever]” was offered via bittorrent.

A cease and desist declaration is requested until 04.10.2020 and payment of 915,- EUR (incl. RA costs) for compensation until 14.10.2020.

Please examine my case and give me feedback.


Today, I received a warning letter from IPPC LAW for unauthorized public access to 5 films via the Internet file sharing platform Bittorrent. The settlement amount was set at 1762.39 €, which are to be transferred up to 16.07.20. Attached is also a cease and desist declaration.

I found your service through internet search and hope you can help me. I also became a victim of one of these warning law firms – “Yussof Sarwari” – because of copyright infringement on internet file sharing platforms. I might have started a torrent download and if so, I terminated it after a very short time. I downloaded and offered the mentioned film only in fragments at most and it was never really on my hard disk, i.e. it could never be watched. Obviously the attempt of a download is enough to get a warning. So in my case it’s about the reduction of compensation and the submission of a modified cease and desist declaration. It would be nice if I could be helped.

In 2018 I received a warning letter from Waldorf Frommer. I had this handled by the law firm “xxxxx“. Although an adapted cease and desist declaration was accepted and I was advised not to pay the demanded amount. Now I have received a legal dunning notice from the court and am looking for a reduction and a final settlement of this case. The situation was that my router had an open WLAN network and a neighbor used my connection to download this movie.

All files are attached here:

– warning letter (2018)

– legal dunning notice (2020)

– All correspondence of  Waldorf Frommer & the law firm xxxxx

I look forward to your feedback. Thank you.

I came back the day before yesterday from a short vacation and was horrified to find a letter from the CSR law firm in Karlsruhe in my mailbox. The letter contains a warning about a copyright infringement via file sharing – specifically a film called “xxxxxxxxxx” by PMG Entertainment Ltd. I am being asked to pay a sum of € 815,- and sign an attached declaration of cease and desist. Since I definitely did not download this film I ask for your help. I have been given two extremely short deadlines to respond. I don’t know how to proceed or what costs will be incurred. I would be very pleased if you could contact me.

Hello, I have received the legal dunning notice from the court of Coburg regarding Waldorf Frommer.

This happened two years ago when a friend downloaded a torrent file while he was here on vacation. I ignored the original letters and then changed my address.

Now I have received a leagl dunning notice from the court of Coburg, which demands a fine of 1.371,14 EUR.

Am I too late to take action with this request? Please inform me.


I have received a warning from the Waldorf Frommer law firm. The warning refers to an alleged provision of a total of 3 film titles through a P2P file sharing program via my internet connection.

The alleged availability of the three film titles was no more than 15 seconds each.

The alleged costs which I have to pay amount to 2.447,60€ (to transfer until 09.07.2020)

Furthermore, I am to sign a cease and desist order, in which I additionally undertake to pay the total amount due. The deadline for this is 29.06.2020.

Can you please check the requirements of the law firm and negotiate an appropriate settlement offer with the law firm on my behalf? Enclosed you will find the warning letter of the law firm

I have received a warning from Waldorf Frommer, dated on a film that is said to have been offered for download on 29.03.2020.

I have not lived at this address since 01.01.2019, but there was a minimum period of validity for the telephone connection and my termination at the Telekom at that time was not possible on my moving out date. Therefore, the telephone connection was taken over by my flatmates, I am no longer a contractual partner and since 01.01.2019 I have no access to this connection.


Can you please help me to solve this problem?

I received a warning from Waldorf Frommer a few days ago, accusing me of having shared a film about Torrent. Now there were two deadlines in that letter that I was supposed to observe. They wanted me to have a signed cease and desist declaration, which should be received by 15.06.2020. Because of the whole Corona situation I was not able to meet this deadline.

A couple of days ago I got a letter from Waldorf Frommer concerning the download of 2 TV-show episodes, charging me with a really high fee (1115 euros). From where I´m originally from (Colombia), doing this would not cause any legal issues, therefore I was not aware of the penalties and problems that it could cause here. After searching online I decided to not contact Waldorf Frommer, nor sign their document.
Instead, I would like some advice from this platform. I would like to know how to solve this problem as soon as possible. If the fee can be reduced, can you give me an estimation of the amount? and I would also like to know the cost of your services.

On 04.06.2020 I received a reminder from the law firm Christoph Schmietenknop due to copyright infringement in Internet Filesharing. However, I am not aware of any such copyright infringement. In the attachment you can see the complete letter with all details.


A long time ago I had illegally downloaded a movie. Afterwards there were the well-known letters from Waldorf & Frommer. I read them all and ignored them.


Now I received on 28.04. the order for payment from the district court Coburg. How should I proceed further?

I got a warning from the Waldorf Frommer law firm.

I didn’t download the file in question. However, at that time I had a visitor from Russia, who has long since left. It is now difficult to trace what was done.

What would you recommend? To try to reach an agreement or to file an appeal?

I have received a default summons from Walldorf Frommer Attorneys at Law. Refers to a (actually committed) copyright infringement of Jan 2013.

The claim amounts to approximately 1000 €.

I would like to avoid filing a lawsuit. Should I pay or can you do something for me?

I am living and working in Germany for more than 1 year now. Last week, I have received an abmahnung (915€) from Waldorf Frommer for Filesharing the movie “The Nice Guys”. According to my researches, you have dealt with plenty of cases like mine. Therefore, I have decided to take your advice on my case.
According to the “abmahnung”, the movie has been shared 2 times on 30.04.2020, a total of 4-5 minutes, one is at night other is in the afternoon. Clearly, at night I was sleeping and in the afternoon, I was working. Moreover, I had a foreign (not Germany resident) visitor in my home. He said, his filesharing program opens when Windows starts and it might share the file automatically. In the end, I am fully innocent in this case.


Now, I am looking for your advice on how to react. Thank you for your support.

I have received a warning for copyright infringement from the law firm Waldorf Frommer. I personally did not share the file in question and it was not used in my PC. It was probably a family member who was present at the time and used my internet connection. However, I have no interest in ” denigrating” the person in question. Especially since this person is, to my knowledge, having some financial difficulties at the moment. The requested sum seems to me much too high for sharing a file fragment in a short period of time. Moreover, the requested cease and desist declaration seems to be very general, especially in the last section, and very much to the disadvantage of the signatory. I have attached the documents. I would be pleased if you could help me to get a better settlement offer.


Today I received a warning from the law firm Waldorf-Frommer regarding file sharing of a film from LEONINE Distribution GmbH. The law firm demands the payment of a total of 915 € (700 € damages plus 215 legal costs), payable by blackout. at the latest, as well as the submission of a specified declaration of discontinuance. I have been living in Germany for 4 years and I have downloaded a film with a torrent program. I did not know that this is illegal here in Germany. At first it was never my intention to do business with it. I hope you can help me in this case, because I am not able to pay the claimed amount within this time frame.

I have received a warning from the law firm Waldorf Frommer for copyright infringement, on behalf of Studiocanal GmbH Berlin. Via my internet connection a filesharing program was used to download the film “John Wick” for 32 seconds (!). My 17-year-old son wanted to download the film via an app, but that didn’t work out at all.

I have received a warning from Waldorf Frommer. I have moved to Germany quite recently and I wanted to continue to watch a show that I can not watch here since since almost channels are in German. Also there is no streaming service (like Netflix) where I can watch it either. So I downloaded it but at that time I didn’t know that it was illegal. It’s the first time that something like this happened to me. It was never my intention to incur in an illegal act.


I would like guidance in the matters. Researching on internet I found your page which has good recommendations. Any assistance is truly appreciated.

I found a warning letter from the law firm Waldorf Frommer about copyright infringement (file sharing) in my mail. Content of 12 seconds of the film “The last full measure” was said to be distributed via my internet connection with a filesharing program. I therefore need your help to deal with this warning appropriately.

I have received a warning from the law firm Waldorf Frommer about copyright infringement for the download of the film “Contagion”. They are claiming 700€ damages and 215€ for legal costs. At the same time I am requested to sign a cease and desist declaration.


Please let me know if there is anything you can do to significantly reduce the total amount. Please note that the download has been done effectively.


Today, after returning from vacation, I received a warning letter in my mailbox from WALDORF FROMMER about copyright infringement. I am accused of having illegally offered a film for 14 seconds (!) via my Internet connection. I am now to pay 915 EUR and sign a cease and desist declaration (which, according to Internet research, makes me very vulnerable for all time.) Deadline for cease and desist declaration is blackout., for payment: blackout..

Facts: my family, parents and parents-in-law have access to my connection, there is a 4-year-old child in the house, occasionally our guests also get access to the WLAN. I haven’t downloaded or uploaded anything because we use Netflix and Amazone Prime and have no need for any file sharing. I cannot exclude that the child has tapped on something colourful via touchscreen for a short moment when we were distracted for a moment. I doubt that 915 EUR should be charged for this.

It would be important to me to get help which is on time, avoids extremely unfavourable cease and desist declarations and handles this unfair sum reasonably.

Documents attached.

Thanks in advance.

Today I received a warning letter from the law firm Waldorf Frommer about file sharing of a film from Warner Bros.

The law firm demands the payment of a total of 915 € (700 € damages plus 215 legal costs), payable by blackout.. at the latest, as well as the submission of a specified cease and desist declaration by blackout..

The deadlines seem unreasonably short to me and I find the amount of money rather steep. Furthermore, the cease-and-desist declaration does not specify a maximum amount of the contractual penalty, but only states “… The amount of the contractual penalty will be determined by Warner Bros. Entertainment lnc. at its reasonable discretion and can be reviewed by the responsible regional court in case of dispute.”

It would be nice if the amount of damages could be reduced. I also do not have a good feeling about the rather vague wording of the contractual penalty in the cease and desist declaration.

You are recommended on some sites on Internet for advice and problem solving in warning cases with the law firm Waldorf-Frommer .

I have received a warning notice about the Stremio APP.

The reason is that I installed the program “Stremio” for Linux as recommended by a computer magazine. With this program it is possible to access media libraries. Here you can find a small selection of movies/series etc. There is also the possibility to install additional add-ons. What I have unfortunately also done. Since most of the add-ons were labelled as torrent, I decided to use Popcorn, since there was no reference to torrent or file sharing.

When selecting a movie, it says either not yet available or “free”. The film that was warned by the law firm Waldorf-Frommer was and is still available as “free”. It was not possible for me to realize  it was streaming via torrent or film sharing. Therefore, I have assumed that this offer is legal.

I only found out about the fact that it was offered illegally through the warning notice by the law firm Waldorf-Frommer.

The question is, how should I handle in this case?

Especially about the cease-and-desist declaration and the very short deadlines. Will you negotiate these with the other party or do I have to take care myself of the modified cease-and-desist declaration in due time?

I received a warning notice of 962,39 Euro from IPPC Law for downloading a film. I assume that I have indeed seen a film online, but I did not deliberately make it available for upload.

Unfortunately, the deadline is today. But I saw the letter only yesterday because I isolated myself at home because of the Coronavirus Pandemic. So I urgently need your help to reach an agreement with better conditions.

I cannot check the details which stated in the warning notice myself as I have no file saved.  E.g. I cannot confirm the title of the film, the exact time (no duration was given) and even the IP address. Therefore, I would possibly not sign a cease and desist declaration.

I find the costs very high and the deadline too short. I’m still in the probation at my job and can’t be sure if I will keep my job in this difficult time. And then I have to face a fine of about 1000 Euros. I understand that the company would like compensation, but perhaps an agreement can be reached for a smaller amount.

I am not from Germany and do not speak German well enough to understand legal texts. Therefore, I turn to you to negotiate an agreement for me.

Dear Sirs and Madams,


Here is the short summary of what has happened:

– Warning letter for file sharing received from Waldorf Frommer

– The letter was sent to the address of my daughter (same surname)

– DSL connection is available in my daughter’s apartment in Berlin at the given address

– I am the one who ordered the DSL connection and pay the fee to support my daughter during her studies

– An acquaintance did not consider the film to be prohibited file sharing and started it

– I myself was at my place of work

– I do not live in Berlin but in Potsdam


Many thanks in advance.

With kind regards,


The warning comes from the law firm Waldorf Frommer, Warning due to copyright infringement.

The accused copyright infringement came through the use of an app (PopcornTime) which my son (13 years old) installed and used on his smartphone without my knowledge.

I do not want to sign the cease and desist declaration demanded by Waldorf and Frommer in this form without further ado. Can you help me to modify the cease-and-desist declaration? I also question the amount of damages (700 Euro). Does it make sense to negotiate with Waldorf and Frommer on this matter by an out-of-court settlement? What is your experience.

Dear Sir or Madam

My grandma, who lives alone and has nothing to do with computers and of course does not own one, received a letter from Waldorf Frommer out of nowhere. Allegedly a film was distributed with the connection for a few seconds. Now over 600€ are demanded.

This is clearly a mistake, because the router is only connected to the TV and a few mobile phones and there is no one else living in the household apart from my grandma.

It is important to mention that the connection is still registered to the deceased grandfather and has not yet been re-registered. I hope one can find a quick solution here.

I have received a warning letter from WALDORF FROMMER on behalf of TOBIS Film GmbH. It concerns file sharing of the film The Peanut Butter Falcon, which is said to have been offered on the Internet for only 19 seconds from our connection. As the owner of the connection I am now supposed to pay 915€ for this.

my name is blackout., from Spain.
I downloaded a movie, in Germany using a torrent program. I did not know that it was ilegal here in Germanay (In Spain is allowed if you do not make business with this material, onle selfconsuption). First of all I my intention was never make business with this.
Im living in a rent flat and the owner received from Waldorf Frommer a Warning letter.
one of these problems is that I received this letter from my flat´s owner a few days ago, after the payment deadline.
I must say that the apartment’s owner is not the responsible of this.
Please, how can we solve this problem?

Dear Sirs and Madams,


Here is the short summary of what has happened:

– Warning letter for file sharing received from Waldorf Frommer

– The letter was sent to the address of my daughter (same surname)

– DSL connection is available in my daughter’s apartment in Berlin at the given address

– I am the one who ordered the DSL connection and pay the fee to support my daughter during her studies

– An acquaintance did not consider the film to be prohibited file sharing and started it

– I myself was at my place of work

– I do not live in Berlin but in Potsdam


Many thanks in advance.

With kind regards,


in 2012 I received a copyright infringement notice from the law firm Waldorf Frommer because I allegedly downloaded a film from Universum Film GmbH via my IP address, which I did not do. I live in a shared apartment where several people use the internet connection. At that time, I had all claims rejected by a lawyer. Waldorf Frommer announced the initiation of legal proceedings on April 2, 2015, but they did not take place.

In mid-December 2019 I received a default summons from the local court in Coburg, against which I lodged an objection in a timely manner. In a telephone conversation with my lawyer at the time, he informed me that the counselling assistance was no longer effective and that I should independently try to reach an out-of-court settlement. However, I have only limited confidence in this and would therefore like to use your services. I am aware that an earlier attempt to reach an agreement could have been more successful, but I wanted to leave no stone unturned in my efforts to reject the claims in full.

I am a student and currently have no income.

I received a warning letter from the law firm Waldorf Frommer for copyright infringement.

On the day of the alleged offence there was a family celebration (where everyone had access to the internet), so it is not possible to determine who and whether this offence was committed at all. There were several children and young people present who could have done this without anyone noticing, so it is not traceable. However, this seems unlikely, since everyone in the family has access to Netflix and co.

I have already received a notice from Frommer in 2011 about a film. With a modified cease-and-desist agreement the matter was settled. Now they’re taking the case out of the drawer again. First just an info letter / warning letter (at least that’s how I interpreted it and therefore ignored it) and I’m supposed to pay 700€, which of course I didn’t do.

But now came a default summons  from the court with 1135€. How to proceed further? That was 9 years ago and I am not even sure if the accusation was correct. Besides, I lived in a shared flat

Can we settle and we can end this for a smaller amount for good? Or do you think the allegation is so weak that it’s safe to win with a lawyer?

Today I have received the statement of claim from the district court of Munich, (substantiation of claim Waldorf Frommer). Unfortunately I have just now found your website, so I wanted to ask whether it is now too late to turn to the settlement professionals?

On 17.01.2020, I received a warning letter from the law firm “Waldorf & Frommer” for copyright infringement. This concerns the transmission of a cinema film via torrent client (P2P) over a period of almost 7 minutes. These facts are true. Can you still help me before I pay the fine and sign the cease and desist declaration? Possibly via a settlement, as the claim is really very high and the payment term is very short?



I have received an infringement letter from law firm Waldorf&Frommer. My deadline for submitting the cease&desist letter is on 22 November. I have watched the film “John Wick: Chapter Two” over the streaming portal Popcorntime, it was not clear to me, that in the background a filesharing system was running. I would like to accept the offer for a consultancy to act accordingly in this case. For me an out-of-court settlement would be my goal.

Is it necessary to submit a modified cease&desist letter? If yes, how should it look like? Thank you very much for your help in advance.

As you can see in the appended document I have received an infringement letter for filesharing (which I have not committed).

I would be very happy with consultancy over e-mail or a WhatsApp call. I am only available via online means since I am currently in South Asia (which is also the reasons for the late message)

So far I have not established contact with Waldorf Frommer.


On Monday 25 November an infringement letter from law firm Waldorf Frommer was received per post.

Based on the written there was a movie being watched over our WiFi connection. As you can see in the appendix it was the film Shazam. Waldorf Frommer shows in the document that the film was shared and uploaded for 2 days over our IP Address.


What I can definitely confirm is, that the film Shazam was not shared or downloaded from our household.

There are following circumstances.

My husband and myself are not experienced with such software, irrelevant from the fact, that we are not the target group for such a film.

My son that lives in the same house in the apartment above us also did not know the film.

We have a commercial building and share our WiFi password to a very narrow circle of people. This is necessary for business reasons.

In addition to that several relatives and acquaintances were visiting from abroad on the day of the infringement.

The WiFi is shared in 2 buildings.

Our WiFi is also not powerful enough to download or share such films. The transfer would last a long time due to the very slow internet connection. From the document it is understandable that the times were late in the evening and very early in the morning and lasted 1 minute every time.

A transfer of a film in such a short time period is therefore impossible due to the stated reasons.

We are certain that at the listed times no family member was using the internet.

Law firm: Waldorf – Frommer

Infringement letter for 1 film (Joker by Warner Brothers). I should pay 915€ until blackout.2019

I have received a letter from Waldorf Frommer in which I am made liable for download of a film. That is not the case and probably it will be linked to an open guest WiFi which was set up as default on the Router.


I have received an infringement letter from the law firm .rka Rechtsanwälte.

It is about the upload of copyright protected software (Computer game: “Metro Exodus”)

In 2012 I received the first infringement letter from law firm Fareds. After that I have submitted a modified cease and desist letter. Now the law firm is threatening me with a law suit. I am of course not prepared to accept the claim and to pay. According to my knowledge, as a so called “violator” I cannot be made liable.

Yesterday I have received the appended letter. The original infringement letter I cannot find, it was probably from 2010.

Back then I have submitted a modified cease&desist letter and have not paid. What can I do?

Walldorf und Frommer infringement letter for Warner Bros.Entertainment Inc.

Today (2 November 2019) I have received a court order for 801,99€ and I would like to have legal consultation.

The original claim is from blackout.2016 and I have responded by submitting a modified cease&desist letter and

How may I best proceed?


I have received an infringement letter from the law firm Waldorf und Frommer. After consulting my legal insurance, which will not take my case, I was advised in a consultation, that I should first send a modified case&desist letter with explanation, that it is not clear to me who has done this.

In the meantime, it was found out that a guest that was a minor has tried on that day to watch a movie through the onlineportal Popcorn.

After the transfer of the letter and modified cease&desist letter I have again received the post from Waldorf and Frommer with a deadline of blackout to make the payment in the amount of 915€ or pay it in rates of 50€/month.

I have received an infringement letter from Waldorf Frommer law firm. Two latters, dated blackout and blackout that were sent to the address of my brother (blackout c/o blackout), since that is the post address which is listed with my internetprovider blackout.

The internet connection itself is not at this address but in our vacation house in Berlin. Waldorf Frommer has also received the post address from blackout and not the connection address, since they are different. At the address mentioned in the Waldorf Frommer I do not have an internet connection and I also do not live there, therefore it has taken some time that the letters have reached me. I have called Waldorf Frommer on blackout on the phone and informed them of my address in blackout and have yesterday again received the correspondence per post. During this call the deadline was set to blackout.

Furthermore, I can also say that I do now know the film “John Wick: Chapter 3” at all and also do not have any file-sharing software on my notebook.

Since the connection is located in a vacation home, which is also used by others, I cannot say with a 100% certainty that the infringement did not occur from my internet connection or if third parties gained access to my internet connection without approval.

If and how this goes is beyond my technical understanding.

Since I am not guilty I am hoping you might help me to close this case.

Waldorf Frommer, for film Godzilla from Warner Bross.

I received an infringement letter from Waldorf Frommer from Munich. I should send a signed cease&desist letter with penalty before blackout as well as compensate high claim of 915€ by blackout. The letter is for an illegal download of the film “John Wick: Chapter 3” in the internet over my internet connection.

Is a reduction of the amount possible?

I have received an infringement letter from Waldorf Frommer. The download of the film was not done by me, it was an acquaintance from abroad that was visiting and has used my WiFi connection.

I have read the letter too late since I was on vacation until blackout October 2019. The deadline for the cease&desist letter has expired on blackout and the amount of 915€ must be paid until blackout October. I do not want to sign a cease and desist letter for an infringement that I have not committed.


I have received an infringement letter and would ask to check and achieve a better settlement with the law firm. I have appended the letter (most important 3 sides) as pdf. If you need more information you may also call me.

I have received an infringement letter from the .rka law firm, since over half a year ago I downloaded a computer game with a filesharing program.

I have seen the letter too late and the deadline on blackout at 18 o´clock is already overdue.

I do not know if anything can be done in such as short time.

Hello. The letter dated blackout from Fareds Rechtsanwald – license damages claim. I have received a letter with a claim of 270,20€ from 2013, I do not know anymore I received anything at that time. It would be nice if you can look at it. The legal fees should be expired due to my research and should not be payable!! Please check and I am looking for your answer.

Infringement letter due to infringement on blackout download of “Nymphomanic 2” on blackout Time blackout to blackout, I am appending the court blackout decision from blackout (same day!)

I have received an infringement letter from Waldorf Frommer, that I should pay 915€.


Hi, I have received the first infringement letter from Waldorf Frommer in blackout.

At that time I have signed the cease&desist letter and sent it. After a telephone call with a lawyer I was advised to not pay and should not react to further letters. I have also done exactly that. I was advised to only react if a letter came from court. Exactly that happened and the claim was submitted to court. On blackout I received a claim letter from the court blackout. The claim is 1.132,46€.

I have received an infringement letter from the law firm Waldorf Frommer. The law firm claims I have made the film “John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum” available to other users (file sharing) via my computer.

From Waldorf – Frommer Rechtanwalte. Supposed illegal download of the movie Hellboy. I already questioned my kids, but no one is assuming the download.

I would like to have your services to set an agreement between the parts but for a fairer amount than the almost 1000 Euros they want. At the moment I am unemployed and receiving ALG II.

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc – Waldorf Frommer. Reason: copyrighted materials shared illegally and for free in internet. Film: Detective Pikachu

I have received an infringement letter from the law firm Waldorf & Frommer. In this case it is about a download of a movie via BitTorrent. Based on the short deadlines I kindly ask you for for a reply on blackout if you can take this case on such a short notice.


I have already received an infringement letter from the law firm Waldorf & Frommer in 2016 for the sharing of the film 300:Rise of an empire.

That referred to a period (from blackout until blackout) where we were in the  blackout (from blackout until blackout). Our sons, then 19 years old, had a key to the apartment. The thing is already at court blackout, I have already submitted my defense.

The infringement letter for the movie blackout ist completely true. It came from Waldorf Frommer. The Filesharing program was running for a week in the background on my laptop. This also means, that I was logged into a total of 3 networks. In both private households (where I am not the owner of the connection) appropriate letters, 915€ each, have already been received. In blackout it will probably arrive in the coming weeks if they will also receive a letter. Momentarily we are talking about 3 claims, each 915€, total 2.745€.

Waldorf + Frommer, infringement in sharing markets, for a TV series from Warner Bros. Entertainment GmbH, estimated claim value is 566,90€.

Today on blackout I have received an infringement letter from IPPC LAW by post. It is for the filesharing via BitTorrent of a porno film at blackout.

The letter includes a cease&desist letter and an offer for an out-of-court settlement in the amount of 962,39€.

The deadline for the cease&desist letter ends on blackout and the deadline for the transfer of the claim amount on blackout.

I hope you can help me in this case, as momentarily I am not able to pay the required amount in this short period of time.

Hello, I have received an infringement letter on blackout from court blackout. In this the law firm Waldorf und Frommer defines the main claims:

Compensation of damages in accordinace with the letter from blackout 1.000€.

With the legal costs and interest the total amount is 1.132,81€.

The applicant is Constantin Film Verleih GmbH

File sharing programs

The following “file-sharing programs” are usually used for downloading

and other torrent clinets and websites that use torrents in the background

The following companies are the owners of the copyrights and commission

Tele München Fernseh GmbH + Co Produktionsgesellschaft
Constantin Film Verleih GmbH
Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc
Universum Film GmbH
Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH
HN Medien GmbH (ehem. Oktano GmbH)
Koch Media GmbH
Sv Werder Bremen
Techland Sp. Z.o.o.
MG Premium Ltd.
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment Germany GmbH
Majestic Filmverleih GmbH
Lawyers and law firms

The following law firms send most warnings to customers of

Rechtsanwältin, Sonja Schäffler
Yussof Sarwari Rechtsanwalt
rka Rechtsanwälte
Waldorf Frommer
Fareds Rechtsanwalt
IPPC LAW (RA Daniel Sebastian)
Kanzlei Sawari
Nimrod Rechtsanwälte

The following works, TV episodes or games are currently being warned very often

The Flash - Flashpoint, TV-Folge
Swamp Thing - Drive All Night
Doom Patrol - Jane Patrol
Metro Exodus
Dying Light
Euro Truck Simulator 2
John Wick 2
John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum
John Wick 3
Plan B für die Liebe
The Light between the Ocean
Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile
Eclipse - Biss zum Abendbrot
New Mood - Biss zur Mittagsstunde
Twilight - Biss zum Morgengrauen
Pokémon Detective Pikachu (Pokémon Meisterdetektiv Pickachu)
Hellboy (Hellboy Call of Darkness)
I Am Mother
Shaft (Son of Shaft)
The Hateful Eight (The Hateful 8)
Godzilla: King of the monsters
Nymphomaniac 2
The LEGO Movie 2: The Secound Part (The Lego Movie 2)
The Curse of La Llorona (Lloronas Fluch)
Bring Me The Manager
Step Up 3D
Isn´t it Romantic!
Vice - der Zweite Mann
Fack ju Göhte.
A Family Affair: The Reunion Part 3
The BFG (BFG Big Friendly Giant)
300:Rise of an Empire
Replicas, Film
Hacksaw Ridge

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