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Discover new possibilities in resolving conflicts through a different approach and the aid of the latest technology

abmahnungshilfe.de is an online Plattform that connects the warned party with cautioning office directly through an independent negotiator. Our goal is to find satisfactory, contemporary and resource-efficient solutions for the violation of reciprocal interests in disputes over Filesharing and other copyright related offences. Our service is always personal, professional and any related risks for all parties. Our external negotiators are in any case only compensated if the agreement between the parties was successful.

About us
About us

Einfach Legal Tech UG employees and partners (Abmahnungshilfe.de)


Mark Schleicher


Mark wird in seiner Rolle als Geschäftsführer, gemeinsam mit Jan und Anselm im Vorstand, die Ergebnisse für Kunden noch weiter verbessern.

Sein Ziel ist es erstens Kunden eine noch bessere Erfahrung zu bieten und zweitens noch weitere Probleme zu lösen.

Über das letzte Jahr hatte Mark Gelegenheit das Unternehmen von innen kennen zu lernen und sich ein gutes Bild über die Bedürfnisse der Kunden zu machen.

Abmahnungshilfe.de steht vor einer neuen Phase, die unter dem Motto steht: Das beizubehalten was unseren Kunden hilft und neues zu gestalten wo wir unseren Kunden in weiteren Aspekten helfen können.


Jan Baksa Lesjak

Co-founder and procurator

Jan is director of a technology company in Munich. After Andreas spoke to Jan about the possible improvements on the settlement process in the Legal-Tech field, Jan provided the necessary software and know how to lift conciliation proceedings, Mediation and unification processes to today´s technical standard. Jan’s valuable contribution lies in the simplification, more efficient and more effective way to resolve conflicts.


Anselm Appel

Co-founder, Business development and Brand development

Anselm is a Business IT Engineer and has had experience in various start ups. He is also working for several years in the Legal Tech area and has experience of brand building and development as well as company internal processes. In addition to external presentation of the brand he is also responsible for development of business areas as well as optimization of internal processes. Andreas and Anselm have met in 2017, just a year before the decision to establish Abmahnungshilfe.de was made.


Mai Chi Nguyen

Operational Excellence Manager

Mai Chi is the backbone of the company and is responsible for the client support and back-office team. She is also experienced in Project Management as well as process optimization.


Michael Voltz

Partner Lawyer, specialized in Copyright law for over 20 years

Michael Voltz has been a lawyer for more than 20 years specialized in the field of industrial property rights, copyright and media law. In addition to the copyright regulation (part of which is also filesharing) also with infringements in the area of Competition law in Germany.

IT Recht, DSGVO Expert

Holger Loos

Partner Lawyer, IT Law, GDPR expert

Holger Loos is foremost an IT lawyer. Already during his law studies and then as a lawyer since 2005, he dealt with all legal issues related to information technology, especially with data protection. He was one of the first specialist lawyers for IT law in Northern Bavaria and today he is certainly one of the main IT legal experts in Germany. He is also a lecturer at the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, trains data protection officers at the Würzburg/Schweinfurt Chamber of Industry and Commerce and is a sought-after speaker and interview partner on all topics relating to IT law/media law.

About us
About us

Why us?

100% customer-oriented with a passion to find pragmatic solutions

It is our passion to find simple solutions to supposedly big problems. The client benefits and the negotiated agreement are of mayor concern to all our external negotiators. Through a pragmatic Solution and simple communication they try to satisfy their clients by finding a simple way out of a seemingly hopeless situation.

How did abmahnugshilfe.de come about?

  • In 2018 Jan and Andi got to know each other at a networking event and talked about the use of software in mediation and legal field (legal-tech).
  • Andreas had many years of experience in mediation and out-of-court dispute resolution, Jan had just founded a software company.
  • In Andreas’ experience, most mediations were still very old-fashioned and without software support, causing a high level of bureaucracy and costs that had to be passed on to the client. Andreas had been thinking for some time that this had to be easier and better.
  • Jan was very familiar with the simplification of administrative processes and could show Andi a way how to do it better and already the idea of abmahnungshilfe.de was born: a digital platform for the mediation of people who have been warned with a dispute resolution professional who is a specialist in his respective area of conflict resolution.
  • The approach is it to offer people which an infringement letter, help with a success-based model and at a fair price. Enable them to get help from a real specialist.
  • A success-based only pricing model has not existed until now, also the prices for services in the area of infringements were often overpriced, often due to administration management.
  • The savings achieved by the digital processes in the background are passed on directly to the client, so more people have access to a better deal.
  • One and a half years have passed since the first meeting. Meanwhile the platform abmahnungshilfe.de successfully obtained and solved several hundred cases and developed a network of professionals in various areas of conflict resolution.